Saturday, November 26, 2005

Christmas Ornaments Featured In Times Picayune

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A nice newspaper article featured my 'Rebuild New Orleans' Christmas Ornaments and a little background info on my art. The ornaments feature New Orleans art and other Christmas designs on round and oval porcelain. They are heat set into the ornament and last a very long time. Any publicity helps especially when you are trying to rebuild after a disaster. (Times-Picayune, Nov 26, 2005)

Each year I add a new design to the Christmas collection at Fig Street Art Studio stop in and see what is new this year. Cafe Press offers Coupons on the ornaments usually after Christmas, enter the code they give into the coupon code block. Other savings on New Orleans Christmas cards and sweatshirts too. Sales help a struggling New Orleans artist.

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Friday, November 25, 2005

Ceramic Art Tiles

I realized reading the Blog of Bingo this morning all my posts are Katrina related art. I assume that is because I am so busy with cleaning up my studio, home, and helping friends clean up storm related debris. I do have many art pieces not related to the storm, including many different ceramic tiles. I had these made from my paintings and graphic designs so some friends could have copies of my paintings at a reasonable price and something useful. Some have made table tops, kitchen backsplaches, and other unique things from the tiles. I have mine just displayed on the table and used as coasters. Featured above is my painting "Piano and Chair". As an exercise I painted my actual piano and chair in my studio trying to capture a "Van Gogh" style. I remember a painting of Vincent's , a chair and shoes. Those were my shoes too, sitting by the chair. All as I let them the day before.
You can visit the framed prints on my web page or the ceramic tile. One of my favorite paintings.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Mississippi Gulf Coast

Since a young child my family would visit the Mississippi Gulf Coast for the beaches and food. Although I have only seen the damage in pictures I know how devastated it is from my visits after Camille. My favorite little restaurant in Bay St. Louis is washed away so we need to support our friends and neighbors and rebuild the Gulf Coast. As soon as I have settled down with my personal clean up I will go and try to help there too. I hope to continue my efforts at painting those little spots from the pictures I took before the storm. All I need is to get my studio up and running so I can paint. I did this Christmas Card at Zazzle to show my support.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My Fridge Survived Katrina

Few things survived the storm but for some it was good news to discover that their refrigerator actually worked after being cleaned up. For those fortunate few there is a bumper sticker available at

Fig Street Studio

It will be months before Fig Street Studio is repaired from the storm. In the mean time several new graphic designs have been added to the Cafe Press Shop. Christmas Ornaments and Christmas Cards from New Orleans are selling well. The affiliate members are making commissions as Christmas is the best time to join and help sell the art. Stop in and see all the new designs and help a New Orleans artist.