Friday, November 25, 2005

Ceramic Art Tiles

I realized reading the Blog of Bingo this morning all my posts are Katrina related art. I assume that is because I am so busy with cleaning up my studio, home, and helping friends clean up storm related debris. I do have many art pieces not related to the storm, including many different ceramic tiles. I had these made from my paintings and graphic designs so some friends could have copies of my paintings at a reasonable price and something useful. Some have made table tops, kitchen backsplaches, and other unique things from the tiles. I have mine just displayed on the table and used as coasters. Featured above is my painting "Piano and Chair". As an exercise I painted my actual piano and chair in my studio trying to capture a "Van Gogh" style. I remember a painting of Vincent's , a chair and shoes. Those were my shoes too, sitting by the chair. All as I let them the day before.
You can visit the framed prints on my web page or the ceramic tile. One of my favorite paintings.


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