Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Orleans Spanish Tile Mural Replicas

Spanish Talavera tiles are hand painted clay tiles that originated in the area of Talavera de la Reina, Spain. They are soft clay moulded and hand colored with a Arabic-Andalusian influence found throughout Spain. Some Spanish Potters brought the style with them to Mexico. The street name murals in the French Quarter were given to New Orleans in 1962 and some, due to weather and wear and tear from vistors touching them are falling apart. Visitors love the murals and take photographs of them. Now there are replica tiles designed by a local artist.

Replicas of the Spanish Tile Murals found at Jackson Square, and as street names along the walls in the French Quarter in New Orleans come in several sizes. This realistic tile mural will be a part of the history of New Orleans and can be used as a display, wall hanging, table top, or tile back in a kitchen or bath.
Comes in several sizes and prices. The smallest is a single 4.5 inch square ceramic tile that is heat set with the design. Other sizes go up to a 27 x14 inch mural composed of 18 sq heat set ceramic tiles. The mural needs to be assembled either glued or set to a backing. Not for floors, just walls or display.

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Combining these many different tiles can make a Spanish Style Table top.

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