Sunday, December 11, 2005

Build Stronger Levees

The flooding of New Orleans was caused from the failure of the levees to hold in a storm smaller than they were intended to protect from. The storm did not cause the damage directly but the failed levees did. The failure is now believed to be design flaws and hidden defects in construction. We as Americans can do a lot better. Had a dam broke in another area causing hundreds of thousands to be displaced all Americans would have demanded an investigation and hold someone accountable. Instead we in the disaster area hear some Americans say why rebuild? We ask why would anyone consider not rebuilding?
For hundreds of years we have had the City of New Orleans and now that there is the probability that the flooding was caused by faulty designs and failed inspections all America should want to rebuild the levees stronger. We all should want to protect our heritage. And what American City is not worth protecting? I created the above t-shirt design, 'Stronger Levees', to support the effort to rebuild stronger and better levees. See it at

A Post Script- I was e-mailed this link to pictures that portray the lack of any effective levee system to protect New Orleans see this blog:


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